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Sandra Fan & Dave Williams — Minted

Sandra Fan


Dave Williams

Sandra Fan and Dave Williams

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Our Story

Dave and Sandra were introduced to each as business professionals through a mutual good friend - Cheryl Conner back in the summer of 2017. At the time, Sandra had just recently launched her new company BMG and was putting together a private event at one of the founding member Ken Murdock's home in Sandy. Cheryl suggested that Sandra ought to invite her long-time good friend Dave Williams, who happens to live next door to the house where the event was being hosted.

As a result, Dave and Sandra were introduced via email and had arranged to meet at Barnes and Noble in Sandy to be "vetted" for BMG on July 25th, 2017. The two immediately hit it off and had a blast getting to know each other. Sandra was completely blown-away by Dave's character, remarkable professional background and incredible life journey (not to mention, his beautiful blue eyes!); while Dave was surprised by how much he had enjoyed meeting this young passionate entrepreneur lady with her wit, wisdom and charming disposition and they both were intrigued by the depth of their conversation.

Although at the time, neither of the two were even thinking about the prospect of dating each other - especially with the age gap and other differences that made both of them just think of each other as friends. Over a period of three months, Sandra would consistently invite Dave to attend various events to try get Dave "out the door and meet new people." Sandra even attempted to help match-make Dave with some of her single female friends. Little did both of them know what the Universe had in store for them..

There was never any "agenda" between the two from the get-go. Just two human beings and good souls who share mutual admiration, love and respect for each other that eventually lead to becoming each others' favorite companion. Both of them noticed how absolutely effortless and enjoyable it was to be around each other. They can talk about anything and everything and never seem to get tired of spending time together. After having met and hung out for about 8 times as friends, Dave and Sandra finally decided that it's time to go on an official date on Sunday, October 29th (Sandra had to subtly hint for Dave to ask her out since he was so shy and never knew what to do)!

The attraction and the chemistry between these two were undeniable and unstoppable. The word "soulmate" took on a whole new level of meaning for the two of them. All his life, Dave had prayed and wished he can experience what it's like to be truly loved for who he is (rather than being loved conditionally for what he can do for others); and Sandra, has been seeking the rock of her life to anchor her, but also allow her to devote her heart and to share her boundless capacity for love with the right one. They both finally found "the one" with each other, and their beautiful love continues to grow and expand steadily and fiercely each and every day and will continue forever.