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Sandra Fan & Dave Williams — Minted

Sandra Fan


Dave Williams

Dress Code

Dress to impress with a splash of Rustic Chic


Style with an emphasis of rugged, natural beauty. Embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors. Unpretentious with organic feel and warmth.

Example: Floral patterns, country farm look, cowboy boots, denim jackets and vests.

A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER: Although we totally plan on the day being utterly perfect with blue and gold in the sky... The weather in the Eden, Utah area in early June can range on average from as high as 74°F /24°C to as low as 45°F/7°C., and our two different locations for the ceremony (top of the Powder Mountain) and reception has an elevation range from as high as 8,900 ft /2,713 m to 4,941 ft/1,506 m.

We would love our guests to look absolutely fabulous but also comfortable and warm (especially for those who are Asian). Please be mindful of the location and its elements; check weather forecast before the event so you can dress intelligently for the occasion. It is highly recommended that you bring a coat or jacket in case it gets cold in the evening or when we're up on the mountain top.

ABOUT SHOES... It is also highly recommended that you wear shoes that are comfortable to stand or walk on grass or gravel road (i.e., avoid skinny high heels that will sink into the soil).

TWO SETS OF OUTFITS? Since we will be outdoor during the day and semi-indoor during the evening; you're also welcome (and encouraged) to change your outfit between different parts of the events. Some might want to wear something that's more photo-shoot friendly during the day and get changed into your "dancing gear" in the evening.

Let's group pray for the day to be absolutely beautiful and perfect!!